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 Your English is tested by qualified teachers at mitsuba associates. There are six levels of examinations, Beginners, Elementary, pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, Super-Advanced. Your examination result is reported to you by email.
 Your personal information is secure and will not be passed on. Please input in comfort. Passing personal information to a 3rd party is forbidden by Data Protection Act (the consumer information protecting Act) of Great Britain. 

Test your English online with Language Support to get an idea of your English level.
The test is multiple choice; you choose the correct answers.

Choose your level: Beginner,, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency (Super Advanced).

Each test is 20 minutes. Do not exceed 20 minutes!
Submit the test to Language Support and your results will be emailed to you.

Click on the link for the test that you want:

Elementary 1              Elementary 2
Super Advanced 1     Super Advanced 2

The comparisons are general and will vary.

mitsuba associates tests TOEFL TOEIC Cambridge IELTS
Super advanced 600 / 300 940 Cert Proficiency 8
Advanced 580 / 230 780 Cert Advanced 7
Upper Intermediate 560 / 210 660 FCE 6
Intermediate 500 /180 550 PET/FCE 5
Pre Intermediate 450/150 400 PET
Elementary 400 300 KET
Beginner 0-300 0-250 KET




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